John Mulligan

John Mulligan is a multiple award-winning author, journalist and newspaper columnist.

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When copies of a slim paperback book drop through the letterboxes of a number of houses in the sleepy town of Tully, the postman unwittingly sets off a chain of events leading to an outcome way beyond what the author had ever intended. People are shocked to find that the book is all about them, and that it tells storieas that they thought were well and truly buried.

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Black Friday 13

A new comic spy-novel from John Mulligan

Set in 2030, the not-so-bright US President, Donald Daniels is faced with a global pandemic, but one where the black population appears immune to the disease. The urgent quest for a vaccine leads the Americans to a small lab in Boyle, in the West of Ireland. In the rush to get a vaccine into production, the research team ignores one warning sign, the hastily-designed formula has the potential to turn white skin black.

As America faces the prospect of a nation of black citizens, The President’s Chief of Staff and his Attorney General girlfriend see the chance to eliminate racial inequality for all time, but they haven’t really thought it through.

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